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Wanted Adverts Steam items and equipment Wanted.

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Old 4th April 2021, 08:24 PM
vincentvtwin vincentvtwin is offline
Full Name: Murray Hearn
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Default Wanted copper pipe

I am replacing the copper pipe that was stolen years ago from my engine, most will probably be replaced partly by steel as its just not available in the correct sizes it seems but what i would like to do now is fit the pump suction and bypass lines in copper which are 3/4 Bsp copper pipe I need two pieces approximately 2 foot long each.

I also require one 3/8 bsp copper pipe 30 inches long this one will be a steam pressure pipe.

If anybody has anything a tad shorter I can make more accurate measurements to check if it will fit.

Any help appreciated, thanks. Murray.
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Old 5th April 2021, 06:18 PM
Blakey Blakey is offline
Full Name: Dave Main
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Good evening Murray,

As I’m sure you know 3/4” BSP has an outside diameter of 1.041” - I have two 3m lengths of 3/4” bore copper pipe with 1/8” wall thickness, therefore giving an outside diameter of 1”. If the pipes you wish to use have fittings soldered onto the ends then these can me made up to suit, or likewise if they need undersize BSP fittings made this can be done, alternatively you can put an expander in the end and swell them to 1.041” diameter and then put a standard BSP thread form on. I’ve done both these options on a couple of different engines and both method worked.

If you wish to buy one, or both lengths then they’re spare, I’m based in Kent so depending on where you are obviously collection or delivery would need to be arranged. If I can help in any way please send me a PM

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