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For those who want more informations on the manufacturer of Romeo:

Bromovsky Schulz and Sohr was a company in what is now Czech republic* - formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian empire (thus the original boiler certificate is written in german!) that built (e.g.) a gantry crane with a capacity of 240 tons and a reach of 60 meters to bring submarines into the water and out. The crane was based in Pula (former Pola - the war harbour of Austria these days, now Croatia).There was a steam crawler with a crawler trailer carrying a big steam generator to bring electricity to villages in Russia before the arrival of the wires. B,S&S also built Sentinel Steam lorries under licence. And, last but not least, B,S&S built the motor for the first motorcar in Austria from Siegfried Marcus in 1886 (or 1889, as some say, I dont know)

There are also some connections to Ruston.

If you type into Google: Bromovsky, Schulz & Sohr you will find a loooot of material.....obviously much of it is in german, but you can find also lots of things in the "language of engineers". i.e. drawings and of course photos...

B,S&S were swallowed by Skoda in 1922 and unfortunately most of the archives were destroyed.

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*The main factory and a foundry (still in existence!) was situated in Hradec KrŠlowť (formerly Koeniggraetz), a second one was based in Adamov (Adamsthal) and the headquarter was in Prague.
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