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Lightbulb Underground train chime whistle, sale benefits charity

Hi all,

Currently running a basic auction type sale of a charming London Underground 3 chime whistle, benefiting charity.

20% of the sale will go to the Royal British Legion. The remainder will contribute to the work to fit body sides etc to Poppy to have her ready for the rally season this year, when we will be using her for further fundraising. Sale price does not include postage - obviously any collection, rather than postage, would not be chargeable.

Bids can be sent privately by PM to me here, on The Poppy Waggon Facebook page, or to me personally on Facebook if you have me there as a friend.

The current highest bid amount is made public as it increases, but only the initials of the high bidder are revealed. Bidders do not know how many bids have been submitted, who by, or for how much, other than those that have been the highest at the time of each update, which is, of course, manual.

Currently (as of time of writing) the high bid is 225 with NG.

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